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Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

Data Recovery

There are some things you just can’t replace.  We now live in a world where most pictures are digital and stored on our computer.  If you didn’t have a good backup solution in place you may need help with Data Recovery!  We can evaluate your hard drive and often can copy that data to a new hard drive even if you aren’t able to see it or boot to it on your computer.  That evaluation and attempt is very affordable.  If for any reason we are not able to do the recovery in house we can safely send it off to a clean room and get you a free estimate for recovery.

Backup Solutions

We offer many backup solutions, Primarily they are classified as In-House or Cloud. If you have any questions about backups please contact us.

Backup Management & Monitoring

If you are on our “Managed IT” package, we will design or assist you in creating a custom solution for your office and perform management & monitoring of your backup solution at no extra charge.

For In House backup (requiring you to have backup hardware and manage media to ensure disaster recovery capability) Backup Assist is our recommended solution. We can assist with creating a media rotation and disaster recovery solution. Keep in mind that most companies that think they are backing up find they are swapping out blank disks or have no off premise program at all and if something happens to your facility you will lose everything. There is little more difficult for us to explain to our clients after a catastrophic data loss.


We also have Off-Site or “Cloud” backup solutions that will not require you to have backup hardware or maintain media.

Though we always recommend this as another layer of data redundancy and not a stand-alone solution. This is a product we have available. The product pricing is based on the data size you need to backup and not the number of client computers. If you would like more information about “Cloud” backup solutions please call us and speak to one of our staff.

Simple and affordable backup software with BackupAssist

Finally… small and medium sized businesses can enjoy a secure and reliable data backup solution… at the fraction of the price of the enterprise packages!
Are you neglecting to protect your valuable data because you’re too busy with “real work”?
It’s a fact that most businesses don’t backup their data. After all, backup is boring and often neglected because it doesn’t make you any extra dollars. For many businesses, managing a backup system is a major hassle, especially for staff already struggling to complete their daily tasks.

Even of those business owners who do backup, most do it poorly. Many believe it’s sufficient to just burn a CD or DVD of their data. Unfortunately this method of backup is often flawed because the backups are done casually (“whenever we remember” – sometimes not for weeks) and it’s a manual process that’s prone to human error. Even if you remember to burn disk media every day, it’s easy to forget to burn every single important data file. And just like a second-hand parachute, you only find out that your backups were flawed when it’s too late!



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