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We have made an information brochure “benefits of outsourcing” that you can receive by emailing us at info@ywctt.com or clicking here.


Just A Few of the Services We Offer



Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude! Call Us: 325.690.1171

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”  Douglas Adams

  • PC & MAC Repairs both Onsite & Walk-In

  • Firewall & Remote Access

  • Backup Solutions

  • Contract Support & Managed Services

  • Office 365 & Cloud Solutions

  • Email & Website Hosting Solutions

  • Complete Cabling & VPN Solutions

  • Server Virtualization

  • Computer Hardware


Who We Are

Your Way Computer Tech Team currently services 17 Texas counties surrounding our base of operations in Abilene, Texas and due to our clients having offices abroad we also service multiple countries around the world.

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I have used Your Way since 2003. They have built two computers for me from the ground up and have performed all of the service that I have required on all of my computers. How do I feel about their service? I have recommended them to several of my friends who are now also satisfied Your Way customers. Charles Kirkpatrick, Sermons4Kids, Inc.

Your Way has serviced my computers on numerous occasions. I have purchased computers from them also. I have always received prompt friendly service and they have never failed to perform. They have also provided and installed a surveillance system which has given me, my employees and customers a sense of security. All in all, I am very pleased with Andrew and his staff. I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. Jim Keen, Keen Cleaners, Abilene TX says

I am a small business owner with two office locations 200 miles apart. Until I learned of Your Way Consulting, I had nothing but problems with my remote computer issues. With Andrew and his very efficient Team, I no longer have to spend my own valuable time attempting to put out “fires”. The peace of mind I now have is absolutely priceless. I know that if an issue does arise, which I know it will when depending heavily on computers for my business, it is managed before it becomes a crisis and stops business. Our information is very confidential in nature, and I know because of Andrew’s moral and ethical convictions, he and his Team are highly trustworthy not to divulge that information. Again, priceless peace of mind……. Sheila Watts, Covenant Outreach, LLC Abilene, TX says

This is my first or second ever yelp review, but I thought this placed deserved to be praised.Anyway Your Way Computer Tech Team fixed the PC perfectly, charged me a very reasonable price, and performed the service in under 24 hours.Really excellent shop I could not be happier – Danita Carey

I started doing business for Your Way Consulting back in 2001. I had a computer network cabling company and performed quite a number of infrastructure installations so that Andrew could set up their networks. I have never seen someone work SO HARD to earn the respect of each and every client of his. Andrew goes WAY out of his way to please people–even to the point to where I got exasperated on many occasions because he expected me to perform at the same pace of self-sacrifice that he did in order to please customers. I could not compete with Andrew’s level of hoop-jumping and price-discounting. The man is a true jewel of impeccable character. Outside of my business relationship, Your Way has worked on my personal computers twice. Those dealings were with his staff who were unaware of my relationship with Andrew, yet I still received the same kind of professional courtesy that I would have expected from Andrew himself!  Jesse Bruton, Gateway Cabling