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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using us for your I.T. needs.

We have made an information brochure “benefits of outsourcing” that you can receive by emailing us at or clicking here.

Do you offer "Free Diagnosis?"

Yes & No – A very educated guess is free.

BUT if you want us to dig deep for answers we will charge a “diagnosis fee” or “bench fee” of $75, which  If you allow us to do the repair the diagnostics fee or “bench charge” is often the total repair cost because we are very good at what we do.

If YOU CHOOSE NOT to do the repair you have paid a fee or diagnostics charge – after being in business for less than a year I found I was performing diagnosis for people to take this knowledge and get their repairs done elsewhere or themselves.. after finding that competitors were advising people to bring their systems to us and then return with our diagnosis we were forced to charge those not choosing to make the repair a “diagnosis charge.” or “bench fee”

What is your TMS support package?

TMS is an abbreviation for Total Managed Service and is basically an IT support contract with all the trimmings. Read More by CLICKING HERE

Why does Spyware and Virus cleaning cost so much?

It’s extremely time consuming to do it correctly and that’s the only way we will do it.  If we used only one tool to do this job you would not start with a clean computer or a shot at keeping things running well. We charge 2 hours labor to perform this service but actually the average cleanup takes 4-5 hours, luckily much of this time is not constantly on one computer so we can divide this time among many computers making it average out in the long run.. We go above and beyond to ensure the very best cleaning and result for our clients by using many different programs because there is no one cleaning tool that does a perfect job. If there was we would simply recommend our clients used it. Some of the many services we perform are; manual registry cleaning, low level diagnostics root kit scanning, and more. Our 2 hour billing is much lower than any other service offers and most use only 1 cleaning tool.

Does Same Day Service mean I will get my computer the day I drop it off?

SOMETIMES BUT NOT ALWAYS – Same Day Service will ensure the work on your system starts immediately but we will not release your system until it has been serviced properly and it’s impossible for us to perform quality service and always exactly estimate the time required. Of course there are certain repairs we can do quickly without compromising quality service and that would give you same day repairs.

Do you guarantee your services?

Of Course – If we perform any service and you are not satisfied we will gladly look at it again and attempt to resolve the issue. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to demonstrate some problems and like all things computer problems tend to be elusive when you’re trying to show someone. To offer a service guarantee we must have certain limitations which are; Onsite service cannot be done without billing regardless so if you have paid for service and still have the same issue you called us for or brought your system in for you can bring your system to our Abilene location and we will attempt to resolve the issue without you incurring further expense. You have 48 hours to notify us you are still experiencing the issue we were supposed to resolve and 1 week to bring the system to us after notifying us to use this satisfaction guarantee

Do you work on Apple computers?

Yes – While we are not authorized to perform warranty repairs, we are able to perform most any repair on an Apple, PC, or any brand of computer.

Can you upgrade my hard drive without losing my data?

Usually, of course there are exceptions.. a failed hard drive can be an expensive item to recover from so always backup your data and of course we cannot be responsible for hardware failures. We have a very good track record and are very experienced in data transfer and recovery.. This is a very smooth process that we do daily, the time required varies on the speed of your original hard drive.

Can you provide onsite service to my location?

We provide onsite services to many locations in Texas. Out of state and international service can be arranged by contacting Andrew at Our TMS service requires only a high speed connection. Most all locations have that so geographic location isn’t usually an issue.



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