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1-325-690-1171 Our TECHS are ALL Texas (CJIS) Criminal Justice Information Systems Cleared!
  1. Response Times and Estimated Resolution Time: YWCTT will respond to tickets, emailed, called, or entered into our ticket portal, in a time that meets the demand for the priority of the issue. You may reach out any time after a ticket has been submitted to get updated information on the ticket or visit the ticket portal for information on your ticket.
  2. Impact of Upgrades and Repairs: Please be advised that it is your responsibility to understand the impact of repairs and upgrades on your Technology Infrastructure covered in this agreement. It’s common for loss of browsing history and saved website information such as passwords. Some upgrades may not be compatible with applications that your business uses. Computer hardware and software work together and incompatibility may not become apparent until a later date. You are responsible for reaching out to specialty software manufacturers to acquire compatibility information, to allow us the ability to support you with your technology needs.
  3. Liability: YWCTT’s liability for damage to your equipment is limited only to any damage which is determined to be caused by YWCTT’s negligent acts or negligent omissions. Our liability is limited to the total price we charge you for our services.
  4. Loss of Data: Data is the most important part of business infrastructure because it is often irreplaceable. Due to any repair, data may get damaged or at worst, deleted. Be aware that certain repairs, including but not limited to virus, malware, spyware, and ransomware removal, may damage infected software and/or data installed on your systems. This may require the re-installation of your operating systems, programs and if possible, your data. YWCTT will not accept liability for any loss of data as a result of a workstation and/or server repair request. We take steps to backup data prior to work but ultimately you are responsible for backing up your own data. If requested we offer backup services with our Total Managed Services, hereby referred to as TMS, that you can utilize for an additional fee.
  5. Privacy: We are professionals, and our technicians and administrators will not browse through your systems looking at your data: however, they may inadvertently see data during the course of their work. Our technicians maintain Texas CJIS clearance and are held to the criminal penalties and standards they require.
  6. Scope of Work: YWCTT will only perform work agreed upon and provide services within the scope of this managed services agreement. This includes covered network systems, servers, workstations. We will provide unlimited remote services work on these systems under this agreement, including but not limited to security patches, anti-virus delivery, and software deployment, within normal business hours. We also have the ability to offer cloud and onsite backup solutions and Office Software among others. Any work required on-site or requested after business hours will be performed at a discounted rate and will include mileage if applicable.
  7. Ransomware/Phishing/Malware: Over 99% of all ransomware attacks and issues result from improper actions by your own employees, often when doing personal business at work or purely from a lack of training. YWCTT will protect/warn/train your employees at every turn. We include many layers of protections and detection software to help but ultimately the level of cooperation and willingness to require training of employees along with proper backups and complying with recommended safe practices that are the determining factors in all of these impacting situations.
  8. Your Way Computer Tech Team (YWCTT) will provide Client with the IT Managed Services as requested.
  9. We provide unlimited Remote & Telephone Support during business hours and most issues are resolved using our powerful remote management software for the monthly stated cost. Should Client require On-Site, or after-hours services, YWCTT will invoice at the discounted rate below.
  10. Upgrading or replacing hardware normally requires on-site service. Fees do not include the cost of new or replacement hardware, software, cabling or other equipment that may be required to perform services under this agreement. Client will be quoted a price for new or replacement equipment prior to installation (require PO if client’s policy specifies) and will sign a work order therefore and be billed separately.
  11. This is a living document and will change as required to cover all aspects of our work provided.
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