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I started doing business for Your Way Consulting back in 2001. I had a computer network cabling company and performed quite a number of infrastructure installations so that Andrew could set up their networks. I have never seen someone work SO HARD to earn the respect of each and every client of his. Andrew goes WAY out of his way to please people–even to the point to where I got exasperated on many occasions because he expected me to perform at the same pace of self-sacrifice that he did in order to please customers. I could not compete with Andrew’s level of hoop-jumping and price-discounting. The man is a true jewel of impeccable character. Outside of my business relationship, Your Way has worked on my personal computers twice. Those dealings were with his staff who were unaware of my relationship with Andrew, yet I still received the same kind of professional courtesy that I would have expected from Andrew himself!
Jesse Bruton, Gateway Cabling says

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